We asked Lewis Everett some questions about his time at Sports Gateway after completing three-years at Sports Gateway 
After a fantastic three-years at Sports Gateway, student, Lewis Everett's time has come to an end - the Media Team at Sports Gateway asked Lewis a range of questions about his time at Sports Gateway.  
How would you describe your experience at Sports Gateway? 
"I spent 3 years at Sports Gateway, I arrived a mess to be quite honest, but thankfully all the tutors and coaches all gave me the time of day and explain my situation. 
After this everyone was so helpful in making my time at Sports Gateway the best possible time. Due to this, I wanted to make sure I took all the help given to me. As I became more confident both my work and football got miles better, I was willing to try new things. I was asking for help and I think personally I took advantage of every opportunity that was given to me. 
Especially within my first year I can not thank Scott enough for all the help and support he gave me and that also continued and came from all the other tutors as well within my second year. The football side was much better than I had ever thought. My fitness levels have been much higher than I ever thought they would reach, all down the training, I also think I have completely changed as a footballer. 
Listening to Matt and taking on board the advice he was given I am now a much more confident footballer. I went from not really wanting to socialise and struggling to get into college to want to be there all the time. I completely switched as a person from my first day to my last day." 
What has been the most enjoyable part about being at Sports Gateway? 
"Being at Sports Gateway just added to my love of football and everything sporty. My most enjoyable part would have to be the training and games. Football is an escape for many people and it is definitely the same for me. I also really enjoyed taking the opportunity to film and analyse games. This helped me firmly decide what I wanted to do as a career." 
What are you plans now that you've completed the course at Sports Gateway? 
"Now I have finished my time at Sports Gateway I am planning on going to Derby Uni. At Derby Uni I will be studying for a degree in Performance Analysis and Coaching science. While at Derby Uni I am also aiming to gain myself an internship or a paid job within a professional football academy." 
What would your message be to the new learners who will be joining Sports Gateway this summer? 
Make the most of everything to offer. Get your work done on time and ultimately just work hard in lessons and on the pitch. If you work hard you will not have any issues and it will make your experience 10 times better. If you have any problems speak about them because I can assure you that they will try to help you. 
Everybody at Sports Gateway would like to congratulate Lewis on his achievments & completion of his two-year course and we wish him all the success in the future - we're sure we'll see him in-and-around the sports industry for many years to come!  
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